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Pain is something most people experience at one point in their life or another. You may be in pain due to a sports injury, car accident, work-related injury or you may have what you simply classify as aches and pains from aging. If you are experiencing muscle pain, joint stiffness or pain in your back, a chiropractor may be able to offer natural treatment that can help you heal. Here at Renze Chiropractic Clinic, P.C., located in Ankeny, Iowa, we can treat many different conditions. Here are some of the more common conditions we treat and the methods we use to treat them. 

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain that you can experience in the body. There are many different reasons why you may experience pain in your upper or lower back and each of them requires a different treatment method. If you are experiencing chronic back pain, back pain due to a pulled or strained muscle or back pain due to a sports-related injury, laser therapy may be the method we use to help you heal. 

Sciatica and/or Herniated Discs

If you are experiencing excruciating back pain and/or back pain that radiates up and down the legs, you may have herniated discssciatica or both conditions. Herniated discs are commonly caused due to injuries, such as car accidents or slip and fall accidents. If a disc is herniated, it may begin to bulge out and push on the sciatic nerve, causing the pain to radiate up and down your back and your legs. One of the best ways to treat both sciatica and herniated discs is with decompression therapy, also called spinal decompression. Decompressing the spinal region helps to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve and allows bulging or herniated discs to slide back into place gradually. 

Muscle Pain

Muscle and tendon pain are the last types of conditions that we commonly treat. Muscle and tendon pain can be caused by overexertion or overuse of a muscle or tendon. One of the best ways to treat this type of pain is with ultrasound. Ultrasound helps to relieve pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones where the machine is used, while also promoting healing. 

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